About BURN-X

Concerned about the alarming increase of fires due to electrical issues in recent years, we were eager to find a solution that would eradicate this type of incidence.

After a lot of research and failed tests, we managed to find the most effective and innovative system on the market. It uses the latest potassium base technology that makes its extinction faster and more effective, but above all the system attacks the fire from its origin therefore avoiding further or major damage.

It is the only solution that extinguishes the fire from the start, protecting our businesses, homes, establishments, and companies, thus offering greater security together with a premium service.


Studies carried out indicate that more than 80% of unprovoked fires are due to short circuits in electrical panels and industrial machinery.


For the safety of our businesses, homes, establishments, and companies, we have developed BURN-X, a system unique in its kind.

Meet the Team

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Nicolás Del Prado


Having lived in various cities and worked in unrelated industries such as communications, production, publicity, sales, sports and hospitality, experiencing first-hand fires causes by short circuit in many of the above industries, I decided to start my own business, one that would offer a solution this on going problem.

Justin Rocamora


After 12 years in China working in various industries, I decided it was time to go back to Marbella and start a new project in my own hometown.
I’ve always worked on projects that have given me the opportunity to work directly with the final client, offering me a full understanding of the markets needs. And precisely for this reason BURN-X was born. An innovative business where I would once again have the chance to utilize my expertise and work face to face with the client. The mission was obvious, to offer a service that would be key in offering safety and protection to my clients.

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